Teaching Spanish as a Second Language with Native Fluency

About our Teachers

Hortensia Benítez

Hortensia (Tensy) Benítez is a native of Altamirano, Mexico. She studied Early Childhood Education in Mexico City and worked as a teacher in Mexico City and her hometown of Altamirano before coming to the United States. Here in Delaware, she worked in the Red Clay Consolidated School District for a number of years, teaching in English-only, Bilingual and Dual-Language programs. She subsequently worked at The Spanish Garden, in Wilmington, before forming ¡Sí, Español! in 2006. As a native speaker of Spanish, the enthusiasm she brings to the classroom is contagious, and students truly enjoy the experience of learning from her.

Hortensia believes that children learn best while having fun and incorporates that philosophy into her instructional methods. ¡Sí, Español! lets children learn Spanish through singing, storytelling, games and crafts. That is why the classes are so effective, and the reason that Tensy makes course development a never-ending process, constantly seeking out new themes, activities and songs to make the Spanish-learning experience a fun journey of discovery, exploration and adventure.

Tensy's daughter is completely bilingual, having grown up in a bilingual household.

Carmen Piña

Carmen is originally from Santiago, Chile. She has a degree in Education with a specialty in Chemistry and Natural Sciences. In Chile, she taught at various schools and at language academies, where she would teach Spanish to people who immigrated to Chile for their careers. Carmen moved to the United States in 1995 with her family . In the US, she began teaching at The Spanish Garden in Wilmington, DE. She has been with Si, Español for five years. She is an enthusiastic and dynamic teacher, who strives to provide her students with a language-learning experience that is both educational and enjoyable. She wants students and their parents to feel the importance of learning Spanish in today's world.

Program Overview

Our focus is on oral language acquisition, and each week students discover a new theme through songs, poems, literature, dramatic play, games and crafts. Our unique program allows for children to experience Spanish in a variety of ways while concentrating on key vocabulary introduced in context. Our Spanish classes are fun, and the students learn to speak Spanish in the same way they learned their first language.

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Interested in Spanish at your child's school? We teach at many day cares,preschools and after-school programs. Please contact us for further information.


Every year we host two exciting weeks to learn Spanish in June. Week one - Beginners. Week two - Reading & Writing. Camp dates are announced in late Spring.


Available for elementary age students through high school as well as adults. Individuals or groups of 3-4 for Conversational Spanish. Please email for more information.



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